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The problem raised before the Apex Court docket in enchantment was whether or not in the Lok Adalat held by the Excessive Courtroom, was it open for the members of the Lok Adalat to enter into the merits of the writ petition and menosan to dismiss the same on merits, in absence of any settlement arrived at between the parties? 1. As per sub-part (5) of Section 19, a Lok Adalat shall have jurisdiction to find out and menosan to arrive at a compromise or a settlement between the parties to a dispute in respect of (i) any case pending 6 earlier than; or menosan (ii) any matter which is falling within the jurisdiction of, and buy acticin is not brought before, any court for keflex which the Lok Adalat is organised. As per sub-part (1) of Part 20 the place in any case referred to in clause (i) of sub-part (5) of Part 19- (i) (a) the events thereof agree; or generic biaxin (i) (b) one of the parties thereof makes an utility to the court, buy aceon for referring the case to the Lok Adalat for settlement and menosan if such court docket is prima facie glad that there are chances of such settlement or (ii) the courtroom is satisfied that the matter is an appropriate one to be taken cognizance of by the Lok Adalat, the court docket shall refer the case to the Lok Adalat. menosan